Our influencer + affiliate programs are currently not accepting any more applicants. We will be relaunching in the next couple of months. Please apply so we have your info ready to go when we relaunch!

Welcome to the Pop & Bottle affiliate program! We are so excited and grateful that you’d like to be a part of our family - we have a "latte" love for you!


At Pop & Bottle, we want your daily latte to be a daily act of self-care. Therefore, your latte should do more than just taste delicious - it should also nourish you and be made with organic, fair trade ingredients. We use ZERO refined sugars, ZERO gums, ZERO carrageenans, and ZERO dairy.

We currently have our classic line of almond lattes (link to originals page here) that are boosted with superfoods such as spirulina, maca, and turmeric, as well as a line of oat lattes (link to supers page here) that have added functional benefits such as sustainably sourced marine collagen, antioxidants and adaptogens.

We are women-founded company and love having people on our team & in our community to share our passions for:

  • Lattes that are more nutritious than lattes from a coffee shop or supermarket.
  • Organic, dairy-free foods to nourish our bodies
  • A company with a conscience. We source only from communities who are committed to sustainability + fair labor practices.
  • Individuals to be forces of change to improve our communities for the better


  • Earn 5% commission for each sale
  • A unique direct link that allows us to track your sales
  • Your own custom dashboard to track your earnings
  • One on one support from our P&B team
  • Be a part of a women-founded & operated company that is looking to make a difference in food & in our community!


  • Click the link below and apply to be a part of the P&B fam
  • Should this be a good fit, we will reach out in the next couple months.
  • Once you are approved, add banners and shopping links to your blog and socials
  • Start sharing why you love P&B and start earning cash back!

With love & gratitude,

Jash & Blair
P&B Co-founders

Apply Here

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