Our Story

The Pop & Bottle story begins when the two of us, great friends from London, both moved to California and embarked on our journey to health and wellness. Inspired by west coast living, we began shopping at farmer’s markets, devouring plant-based recipe blogs and cookbooks, and learning everything we could about clean eating. We started meticulously examining ingredient lists and grew disappointed with the reality behind the “health foods” lining the shelves we realized weren’t so healthy or frankly very tasty.

In the busy lives we lead today, seldom did we, or our family and friends, have the time to spend on shopping, prepping, and cooking clean food - especially snacks and beverages. So we decided to take up this challenge as an opportunity to join the movement which had inspired us, and set out on the path to our ultimate destination: where genuine healthfulness meets delicious taste, in a convenient format.

We developed the concept for Pop & Bottle in our kitchens. After endless recipe testing and refining, we eventually hit upon our sweet spot: creations that were not only entirely wholesome, but above all, full of flavor and undeniably delicious.

Our goal then, as it remains now, is to create food that is truly worth celebrating; for the nourishment it provides, but even more so for the delight it brings to each day.

Blair & Jash