Brand New Super Lattes!

Brand New Super Lattes!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our BRAND NEW Supers. Our new line of functional oat milk lattes are completely dairy-free, with ZERO gums, ZERO thickeners and ZERO junky extras.


In true Pop & Bottle form, we paid close attention to every ingredient that goes into these lattes, to make sure they not only create a delicious and creamy latte, but they also truly help supercharge your days!


Our three Super lattes are:

Restore: Classic Cold Brew + Antioxidants

Glow: Vanilla Cold Brew + Collagen

Zen: Mocha Cold Brew + Adaptogens


Each supercharged ingredient was thoughtfully added to create a latte that combined the benefits of your daily caffeine boost plus all the super benefits of a daily supplement.


Restore: Antioxidant boosted Classic Cold Brew

We choose to boost this latte with Coffeeberry, a powerful antioxidant that comes from the part of the coffee plant called than green tea! The powerful antioxidants found in the coffeeberry are perfect to prevent skin damage and neutralize free radicals! Hello #skingoals!


Glow: Collagen boosted Vanilla Cold Brew

For this latte we used sustainably sourced marine collagen for an added beauty boost. We choose to use marine collagen instead of bovine collagen because it is mainly type 1 collagen and has a higher bioavailability. In clinical studies, marine collagen has been found to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and increase your skin's natural moisture levels, leaving you to show off your natural GLOW!


Zen: Adaptogen infused Mocha Cold brew

Ashwagandha and Maca are two powerful adaptogens that blend together to help reduce stress levels and leave you feeling your absolute best. This adaptogenic pair mix with our cold brew to reduce the post caffeine jitters so you can say goodbye to stress and hello to zen!


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